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VA Purchase Loans

A VA purchase loan is a highly desirable home financing option available to serving members and honorably discharged veterans of the United States military.

Providing that Texas veteran home loan applicants have a VA Certificate of Eligibility, service members and not remarried spouses of deceased military personnel can benefit from home loans which do not require a down payment and which are guaranteed by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The VA Purchase Loan Process

Contrary to popular belief, VA loans don’t take longer to approve or apply for than many regular home financing loans. In fact, in many cases, a VA lender will be able to acquire a copy of your VA Certificate of Eligibility for you during the VA loan prequalification process.

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Determining your VA Eligibility

The first step involved with providing you with a VA purchase loan (after retrieving your VA Certificate of Eligibility), will involve a prequalification process designed to provide lenders with an overview of your basic financial eligibility.

During pre-qualification, lenders will ask you questions regarding your borrowing history, current income, and pre-existing financial obligations. The lenders will pre-approve the veteran administration loans once they verify this information. They must also believe in your ability to satisfy any future loan repayments.


After preapproving an application for a VA purchase loan, borrowers will be provided with a formal preapproval letter. This letter outlines everything which a veteran must do in order to complete their VA loan application. Moreover, with this letter, a borrower can finally approach a real estate agent and make an offer on a property of their choosing.

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VA Loan Approval & Closing

After choosing and making an offer on a property, VA guidelines stipulate that lenders must order an independent property appraisal. They carry this out to determine the actual value of a property, as well as identify any maintenance problems that need attention prior to completion of a sale by the existing property owners.

If VA lenders are satisfied with the results of a property appraisal, the last step in the VA purchase loan process will then see a VA underwriter double check your VA eligibility and make sure that all the correct documentation is in place in regard to your application for VA home financing. The good news, however, is that once the underwriting process itself is completed, all that you will need to worry about is signing on the dotted line of your property title before making arrangements for moving day.

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